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Investment & Event

Our client is a regional development company and takes an active role in supporting its region’s entrepreneurship. As the ICT and Games industry is one of the main focus growth areas in the region, Europartnerships were contracted to organise an investor event with the aim of providing a platform and network forum for 10  seed/series-A stage scalable start-ups to meet potential investors and finance providers. A second phase for the project envisaged a number of individual face-to-face meetings.

We selected relevant contacts from a variety of British investment banks, private equity funds, venture capitalists,  investors and potential strategic alliance partners and contacted all prospective guests individually. The event was held at the Ambassador’s impressive Residence in central London.  With 120 participants the event reached the maximum capacity and it was considered to be a huge success by the client and the companies. The process was carefully managed throughout, ensuring maximum participation and effective communication between clients and invited guests.

Where there was mutual interest, follow up meetings were scheduled for further discussions. All  companies participating were able to establish (and in some cases extend) networks of UK contacts to help them in their subsequent growth and internationalisation.

International Business Consultancy & Project Management

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Our Network partners include France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador, amongst others.