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Services Industry

A large international engineering company made use of our M&A advisory and project management services to enter the market and establish a presence. The company offers a range of consultancy and engineering services in the fields of water, construction and infrastructure and has an excellent reputation. Due to the structure of the market and its specific characteristics, they found it difficult to gain access to local authorities.

Our M&A advisor selected a few local companies with a market presence in the required segment. On behalf of our client we entered into negotiations and managed to acquire one of these companies as a foothold. Thereafter a project manager was responsible for the integration of the subsidiary into the group structure. In addition, the project manager succeeded in consolidating his contacts with the local authorities and obtained the necessary approvals. In two major cities he implemented prestigious projects using local personnel and international expertise.

The acquisition of the local company took nine months and the integration project required a further two years. The result is a strong local presence for the engineering company with opportunities to develop related services and enter complementary market segments.

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