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Nestor – UK Market Study and Partner Search, Telecoms Equipment


A Finnish manufacturer of telecom cables, Nestor was aware of the major growth potential in the UK fibre optic market and commissioned Europartnerships to assist in assessing the opportunities. This resulted from the extensive work that we had been undertaking in this sector since 2017 with Keypro and then Setics. This was extended from the UK to include the Irish Republic. Following the market study, we produced a long list of potential partners and then arranged meetings in the UK and the Ireland for Nestor with interested companies.Skipperi – UK Market Study, Boat Charter

International Business Consultancy & Project Management

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Our Network partners include France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador, amongst others.